We all know the cost that textbooks and materials add to the equation of education, and the pain that goes along at the end of the semester when someone tries to get some of that money back. Our company was started by a group of college students that grew tired of the conventional buy-back companies that only give back pennies on the dollar or wouldn't even buy it back at all. So we set out to start changing the way it is done, one student at a time.

 We Specialize In The Following:

-College Textbooks of all types, even editions that the other companies wont buy back!

- Educator Resources, books used in the classroom and work books for students during class.

-Teaching Literature, any resources used by teaching staff for the use of improving teaching and education effectiveness, such as teachers editions and classroom instruction textbooks.

-Homeschooling Curriculum of all types 

We offer the highest prices because we do things differently.

Our company can pay higher prices because we are privately owned and operated so our focus is our customers.

Instead of paying the advertising companies to run commercials, we rely on student to student referrals and offer rewards for them. We would rather pay our customers extra in return for sending new customers to us.

Our pricing and customer service is what sets us apart.

Each customer gets the highest treatment and we go out of our way to get top dollar for you. We are real people checking real prices across the industry in real time! We are not a program that spits out generic pricing and so-so service. Our team is the best there is in the business! Have a text book another big company wont buy? No problem! We will still shoot you an offer on it! 


We even offer free pick up to certain areas!!