It's simple! 

Fill out the form, and in the message box enter your ISBN numbers followed by a brief description of the book, (highlighting, condition of cover, etc.). We ask this because the better shape your college books are in the higher we can pay you! No other company does this! Once we have the information on the books, we will check against the buy back prices of our competitors to get you the most money. Within one business day our staff will get back to you with a detailed quote on what your used books are worth. We will also provide you with the following payment options: Paypal, Gift Card, or Certified Check...the choice is yours. Simply Box up your books and mail them to our inspections facility and get paid! 

You will be paid within 24 hours of your books arriving at the inspections facility. If they are as described by you, the quote plus the shipping cost is paid. If they are in better shape, we pay more, and faster than the other buy back companies!!

Please note that most college textbooks lose value over time and that we try as hard as possible to get you money for your books. It must be said that the vast majority of textbooks totally depreciate within five years, and that unless it is a textbook from a very specialized field that the book may not be worth anything anymore. Our core focus is in textbooks that are less than 5 years old. However, we buy many older editions of textbooks. Just because your school may not use it any more does not mean that another will not!